by Amaterasu

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released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Amaterasu Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Amaterasu is a project of Elijah smith, turned full band project with Con shea. We hope to upload plenty of collaborative material as well as general band material and perhaps some live recordings later on. I digress, my material will continue to go in the same direction as it has been and so shall con's but we will combine our material for maximum sexual pleasure of the listeners. ... more

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Track Name: Castaway
Golden tears
Drip from your face
And I
Brush them away
Show your pain
You exclaim

I'm alive!
So it seems
I'm alive!
And you scream
I'm alive!
Thank to be
I'm alive.

Lay your head down
And you'll see
That all your days have drowned
In the sea
Let your mind be free
Like the wind
On an open sail

Show your face to me
And allow your ways
To be ceased
Castaway the preconceived
And you'll see

I'm alive!
So you see
I'm alive!
And you scream
I'm alive!
And you bleed
I'm alive.
Track Name: Heart Attack
Didn't need you to give me a heart attack

Hit me like a Freight train, oh I'll hit you back

Cut my life open with your heart attack

Laid my love out and turned it black

ooohs and aahs

Everyday lost in the bright and dark

Found my way when I held your heart

Begged to stay? We where never apart!

Said my piece and i broke the dark
Track Name: Who Am I?
Welcome home
It was a long time leaving

I cant rescue any of the words
Dripping from your mouth

Come and fear
Come and shed a tear

What's a secret?
What's a meaning?

I dont know who I am (and)
Now the ground is drowning me